Get Rid Of Muffin Top With Love Handle Liposuction In Israel

Love Handle Liposuction Procedure

What are love handles? Where is it located? There are many questions that surround our mind. Love handle is located between the ribs and the hips. It gives the body a muffin top look. Although, you are slender and toned, the love handles give the body a disproportionate look. It is a very difficult area to lose fat. Even thin and slender people have love handles. There are many reasons for growth of love handles in the body. The common causes are Hormonal changes, weight gain, and pregnancy in women leads to growth of love handles in the body.

When love handles overgrow, they tend to pop out from the sides of your pants giving it a really ugly look. If exercises and diet is not helping you, the common solution might be undergoing love handle liposuction in Israel. The love handle liposuction will give your waist a well toned and slim effect. Love handle will give your curves a slender look and you can wear anything of your choice that will flaunt your figure. There are countless benefits in the process of love handle liposuction. The benefits are mentioned here:

  • The procedure is quite quick and is completed within few hours
  • You can resume your work as soon as possible after the surgery. However, one should take proper rest to avoid feeling tired and drowsy, healing process is quite rapid.
  • In a matter of few weeks, you will be healed. However, there might be some soreness and bruises that will subside:
  • You will gain a more slender look and toned body
  • The process will help in gaining your confidence
  • The process will help to smoothen your saggy skin

The ultrasound method is used in the love handle liposuction. The method of liposuction by using ultrasound causes much less damages to the tissues and other areas of the body. At the start of the liposuction, an ultrasound probe is made through the small incision that needs the treating. The anesthesia and saline substances are infused through the incision to break down the fats in Israel. The saline substances create sound waves in the body to remove the excess fats. A small cannula is inserted through the incision to suction out the fats in the body.

The ultrasound method is much safer than the traditional liposuction method in Israel. There is no wear and tear of tissues, blood vessels, and veins. The ultrasound love handle liposuction reaches and removes fats from even difficult areas of the body. So, get ready for the surgery.

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