Get Rid of Puffy Breast After Undergoing Male Gynecomastia Surgery in Jerusalem and Israel

Male Nipple Gynecomastia Surgery in Israel

Some men have enlarged breast, which looks quite odd and embarrassing many a times and they feel embarrassed all the time. They want to get free of this embarrassment. This enlargement of male breast is known as Gynecomastia.  This condition is caused due to excess growth of breast tissue in the body. This condition might occur in one breast or both of them. In case you want to get rid of them, you can opt for male nipple gynecomastia. More than half of the boys develop this condition during puberty stage. Other causes of puffy nipple are ageing, taking chemotherapy during cancer, use of drugs or marijuana, use of anabolic steroids hormones, kidney failure or dialysis, deficiency of male hormones, side effects of some medications. In some rare cases like genetic defects, overactive thyroid, and tumors can lead to this condition, some people may even need to wear an amazon ankle brace. In such cases contact a well-known surgeon in Israel for the male nipple gynecomastia procedure.

Generally the breast tissue is categorized into two kinds, one is glandular tissues, which is dense and firm tissues; and the other is fatty tissues, which is soft. The tissue in the body varies from person to person. In cases of excessive fatty tissues, liposuction may be needed while the excess glandular tissue can be surgically removed with the scalpel. At times, combination of both the surgeries is required to treat Unilateral Gynecomastia and Asymmetrical Gynecomastia. The areola of the breast will be stretched and the excess tissues will be removed to minimize the size of the nipple. The Gynecomastia surgery takes around an hour or two to conclude. The process is carried out under general anesthesia although local anesthesia may be needed along with sedation.

Post surgery you will experience some amount of stiffness and soreness. Your surgeon in Israel will prescribe medicine to relieve the pain, stiffness, and soreness. You will be advised to avoid drinking and smoking after the surgery and should take rest to heal faster. Any form of heavy exercises should be avoided. It is very important to maintain hygiene for faster recovery. Follow up visit is a must. The surgeon will check your progress. The surgeon will discuss with you the difficulty and provide a meaningful solution if you are encountering any pain or stiffness. Be transparent with the surgeon and discuss about your health woes as well. The surgery is affordable in Israel and you will get best of results.

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